Vaani.... the Brahm Gyan

“VAANI” is the driver for taking you on God Home Journey (GHJ) to the destination “God Home”


Vaani or the divine lecture is the ultimate knowledge about life based on MAAsterG’s experiences of his own journey to God Home. This knowledge shows the way from the mortal human body to the immortal soul body, taking us back to our permanent home, God Home.

“Vaani is my Praan (life-force)” – MAAsterG

The live potent energy contained in Vaanis effortlessly dissolves negativity, makes us relaxed, purifying our mind, body and soul.

Vaani is the Food for Soul

Vaani is the answer to all unanswered questions – spiritual and worldly – which has brought inner peace to millions of people of different backgrounds, communities, and belief systems.

 Vaani takes us out of the vicious cycle of birth and death

Vaani ignites within us the curiosity and thirst for our final destination “GOD HOME” and brings us closer to consciousness.

 Once in a lifetime opportunity

To listen to Vaani directly from a living True Master – MAAsterG – is an opportunity one gets once in innumerable lifetimes, based on karmas and desire for God in the previous births.

So, start listening to Vaani daily and begin experiencing your progress on GOD HOME JOURNEY!

MAAsterG’s unconditional compassion is reflected in his free-for-all divine Vaani which he has been giving day and night, daily for last 15 years, and has transformed lives of millions world over.


Experience yourself… Listen to Vaani

Start Your Journey…

By merely listening to the Vaani daily over a course of 30 days, listeners experience tremendous transformations within themselves! 75% of the awakening journey can be completed simply by listening to one Vaani daily. Eventually with the guidance of our Spiritual Master – MAAsterG – listeners awaken fully to their peaceful and blissful true nature.

Experience Endless Benefits

• Understand the reason of your birth in this death world.
• Understand the reason of your personal and professional problems, so no tension/ worry/ anxiety touches you.
• Understand the simple formula for always staying in relax.
• Start enjoying your work, relationships and every moment.
• Enjoy a relaxed state in all favourable and unfavourable situations leading you to enlightenment, i.e., liberation.
• You become LOVE, meaning loving all, and that is your oneness with GOD.

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