Spiritual Get Together (Satsang)


“SATSANG” is “SAT” (Truth) + “SANG” (Union) i.e., union with Truth. One who has attained Enlightenment is “SAT”, and the company of an Enlightened live person is called SATSANG.

Qualities of an Enlightenment person, as given in different spiritual epics of the world-

Free from all desire

Living among all but not attached or detached to anything, any person, or any place

Sees all creations as one

Unconditional love towards all

Stable in all the situations either Profit or Loss, Respect or Disrespect, Happiness or Sadness, Birth or Death

Living proof of the teachings of spiritual epics

Any person coming in contact with an Enlightened person will begin experiencing peace and bliss within


Come Together


Weekly get-togethers are spiritual gatherings where Vaani listeners assemble to immerse in the powerful energy field of MAAsterG’s Vaani.

The collective vibration of positive and blissful people walking towards the same destination – God Home – is rare, highly uplifting, and speeds up one’s transformation. 

Through a combination of MAAsterG‘s powerful Vaani, spiritual hymns (bhajans), and sharing of transformation life experiences, one feels the depth of existence and oneness with all, witnessing the power of Satsang.  

  • Weekly physical spiritual get-togethers are held in more than 50 locations worldwide
  • Online spiritual get-togethers are held daily across the world.

MAAsterG welcomes you to be a part of this selfless loving family!

Spiritual Retreats offer the rarest-of-rare opportunity to discover one’s being in the powerful presence of TRUE MASTER.

What you will experience in Spiritual Retreats…

  • High-Voltage positive energy through Live Vaanis by TRUE MASTER
  • Immersive Q&A sessions with TRUE MASTER
  • Soulful vibrant spiritual hymns (bhajan) sessions
  • Memorable light-hearted interactive moments with TRUE MASTER
  • Overcoming of lifelong fears, doubts and negativities towards self and others
  • Sole purpose of these retreats is the advancement of each individual’s God Home Journey
  • All attendees bear their own individual expenses, including TRUE MASTER himself.

Guaranteed personal transformation!

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