Mission Statement

God Home Journey Trust (“GHJ”) cultivates and nurtures universal love between each individual without consideration of caste, creed, religion or nationality by spreading the Word and vision of the Spiritual Master, MAAsterG.

Through his deep knowledge and his own spiritual experiences, MAAsterG simplifies various complex spiritual matters for the masses by attuning ancient spiritual concepts to modern times to light up the spiritual fire hidden inside each of us.

GHJ spreads the word of MAAsterG as wide as possible intending to reach each and every one of the 800 crore human population on this earth, freeofcharge.


Our Vision

• To remind every person in the world of the purpose of their human birth.

• To spread MAAsterG’s wisdom of love throughout the world.

• To build a ‘God Home’ on Earth for advanced spiritual seekers.

• To build a spiritual care/cure facility for people with mental health disturbances.

• To build a child educational facility based on the ancient Gurukul system.

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