What is GHJ God Home Journey?

GHJ God Home Journey itself gives you the meaning. It is the journey to God Home. God Home is the point, the place from where you started your journey to this world and where you will go back, and the point you have forgotten about. So, GOD HOME JOURNEY, MAAster G gives you the way and reminds you that your main mission for this human birth should be returning to your home, the permanent home, “God Home.” Everything is temporary here. So, that is what God Home Journey is.


When was GHJ started and who started it? How was GHJ conceived?

When I attained a blissful state in 2007, that time an idea came to my mind, “Why not give this to the world?” What was achieved was not from this world but from another world, the “Godly world.” GHJ started in December 2007. The idea of giving a message of the forgotten journey to all mankind was there because it looked like the whole world was my family.  In 2007 I came up with this concept and started working on it the same day. It was officially registered in 2021.

I got the idea, why not there be one God Home here like in the IMMORTAL world, hence the idea struck me in 2012 to create a replica of God Home.

Therefore, I planned God Home, a place on earth, where all those who have attained the state of bliss will reside and they’ll have a connection with that immortal world. I have been working on it since then. GOD HOME JOURNEY, MAAsterG shows you the way and reminds you that your main mission of this human birth should be returning to your home, the permanent home, “God Home.” Here, everything is temporary. Thus, that is the God Home Journey.


What is the objective of God Home Journey?

The objective of God Home Journey is to reach the very last person on this earth. It is called “Mission 800 crore.” Those who have a deep thirst for God have come together here, those who have voluntarily withdrawn fully or partially from this outside Maya world are working on a non-profit basis, spending from their pockets. Our mission is clear- give the world what MAAsterG has achieved- “The bliss.” There are no monetary transactions here. To pass on the bliss of MAAsterG to everyone is the aim.


How many people are employed with GHJ? How does GHJ work?

When GHJ first started, there was just one volunteer; now, there are over a lakh. I mean to say there is nothing like fixed employment to anyone because there are no transactions here and everyone who listens to Vaanis/Spiritual lectures works to spread it further. From one to lakhs, we have reached this way only without reaching the public before 2023. All are working at their homes voluntarily, and there is no fixed employment.


Who is MAAsterG?

MAAsterG is not merely a word but is very meaningful. MAAsterG was working before just like you people do, so he had a business, children, and a wife. Life changed completely while the outer identity of Rajesh remained the same. Rajesh, the previous name does not seem to be my name. So, MAAsterG, the new name was given. It implies “Maa,” a mother, who is a mother to everyone who meets him. Like a mother raises a child, in the same way here, MAAsterG raises a newborn when it enters the spiritual world. While bringing up all her children, sometimes the mother gets upset, but she still loves them, the same thing happens in the case of MAAsterG’s divine love too.  It is divine love because it is not for one or two kids it is for all 800-crore people. MAAsterG reminds us of the mother who stirs up divine knowledge within us and reunites us with God by showing us how to return to our permanent home, “God Home.” Otherwise, after death, you will have nowhere to go, and you will come back here again. So, “MAAster” reminds us of “Mother” and “G” of “God Home.” MAAsterG refers to the mother who gives birth to a child to step into the spiritual world by stirring the divine wisdom within him, bringing him out of the Maya, and leading him to God Home. The meaning of “G” in “MAAsterG” in this journey is the transition from the outside world, i.e., the Mortal world to the Immortal world. To achieve the ultimate goal and break free from the cycle of birth and death is the main aim of this God Home Journey.


Is MAAsterG enlightened? When and how did he attain enlightenment?

Enlightenment is a big word and if I say he is enlightened, will you believe it? First, you need to know the meaning of Enlightenment. Enlightenment is nothing special wherein some light appears. It is not that big a state, but it is real. When you are born you are already enlightened, but as you get older, you lose this enlightenment and slip into the dark. It would help if you came back to the scene when you were a child. How is a child’s life? If there is any problem at home or outside, he’s just enjoying it. A child enjoys even in the event of a profit or loss in business. Also, emotions or the concept of respect do not exist. A child is not even bothered about birth or death. He is unaffected by happiness or sadness. This state in which a child lives is called enlightenment. When you return to this state, you are enlightened. My declaration will not satisfy you. You must acknowledge yourself and for that, you need to come and listen to my lectures and experience for yourself before you can decide.


What is MAAsterG’s aim behind spreading this divine knowledge?

MAAsterG aims to give the message to the very last person in this world to return to his own home because all of us on this earth belong to the same home only. There is no materialistic goal, but the spiritual goal is “We all are one and should get back to one.” To get rid of all sadness in the world and to live in bliss is the aim.


Who started the God Home Journey?

I, MAAsterG started it. Rajesh died in 2007, not physically, but that name appeared unknown to me. The MAAsterG of today initiated this concept of God Home Journey with one person and now it will reach millions of people starting from 16 December 2023.


Does GHJ have an ashram, a school, or an office?

The word “ashram” suggests an identity that is disconnected from society. I never intended to have an ashram or any uniform because that makes us different from our origin, our real father, God. If we see, all those people who attained the status of God, son of God, or messenger of God were once living just like us and a certain day came when they transitioned from a materialistic life to a spiritual life and became God. We are from a single family of God. God is the surname, but an ashram is never like that. It makes you feel like you have a different identity, so I preferred not to open any ashram. The concept of God Home certainly came to mind where people who have reached the blissful state or are on the border of attaining it will be staying. It will be only for people with a killing desire for God.

Thus, neither an office nor an ashram is present. People are working from their homes and one can say that I have numerous offices in the form of their homes.

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