What are Spiritual Retreats?

A True Spiritual Master (Satya Guru) in human body is rare phenomenon on earth. He has profound transformative impact on a person who comes in his contact. The easiest way to spark this fire within is live interaction with live True Spiritual Master gives heavy importance on attending spiritual retreats, he recommends that seeker comes with him on these spiritual retreats.
These spiritual trips are organized only with the purpose for advancement of seeker’s spiritual journey. The True spiritual master further emphasizes that advancement of last 30% of seeker’s spiritual journey is possible only in the presence of a Live True Spiritual Master (Satya Guru) during these spiritual retreats. these spiritual trips are organized solely for the purpose of advancement of the seekers’ spiritual journey. It is True Master’s Nishabd that has most profound invisible impact on seeker. In these trips Seeker gets impact of extraordinary invisible Nishabd energy from the master for progress of seeker’s journey. Seeker gets both SHABD & NISHABD energy true knowledge continuously for five days. A True Spiritual Master through universal unconditional love both via Shabd (Vaanis) and Nishabd. While the Master shares his shabd energy via his lectures and discourses, it is specially during the spiritual retreats that the True Master’s Nishabd has most profound, albeit invisible, impact on seeker. In these trips, the Seeker gets the opportunity to bask in his radiant energy and love, to absorb his ever-flowing grace and to connect the seeker’s being with the universal Chaitanya.
Spiritual retreat are outdoor spiritual trips with the master. These are usually organized for duration of 4 to 5 days (sometimes more), usually in locations where earlier enlightened ones have lived when they were in human body. In these retreats True Spiritual master is 24 hours in front of seekers, he even sleeps in the hall. The Master remains with the seekers continuously and throughout the trip, available for 24 hours – giving discourses (Vaanis), answering questions, hearing, serving and assuaging everyone and making everyone progress in their individual spiritual journey. Seekers also gets the opportunity in person to clear all doubts on trueness of the True Spiritual Master, establish and experience whether the master is really a True Spiritual Master or not? Is master really the epitome of love? Is he really free from five Vikars (Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment and Ego. The expenses of these trips are paid by the individuals themselves It may also be useful to mention that Guruji (True Spiritual Master) pays for his own trips including his travel tickets without relying on anyone to meet his expenses.

Attend one Spiritual Retreat near to you and experience the bliss yourself... Hari Om

Jab tak tu sat yani God mae 100 pct nahi mitt jaayae, tab tak tu apnae her nirnay per sandaeh kar. Jaisae hi tu mitt Gaya yani 100 ho gaya, toh tera her shabd Bhagwan ka shabd hoga. Ander Aisa dhaaran kar, toh aek din, jaagtae huae samadhi ghategi-OM

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