Experiences of people​

Spiritual Master says do not trust what is told. Come and experience yourself and when you experience true bliss and anand (joy) yourself, only then, should you share your experience/experiences. There are many people who got connected to Vaani along with this amazing Satsang and have been benefitted immensely in their personal lives, which cover all aspects like, inner peace, healthy relationships, physical health and spiritually understanding of the creation, created and the creator.
You can listen here to experiences and transformations in lives of some of these people. You can also contact them and talk to them about what have they experienced. Moreover, in every weekly satsang, the satsangis share what they experienced in their lives after getting connected to this precious Vaani and unique Satsang. You can visit and attend a Satsang near you and listen to experiences of those people live and real time.

Jab tak tu sat yani God mae 100 pct nahi mitt jaayae, tab tak tu apnae her nirnay per sandaeh kar. Jaisae hi tu mitt Gaya yani 100 ho gaya, toh tera her shabd Bhagwan ka shabd hoga. Ander Aisa dhaaran kar, toh aek din, jaagtae huae samadhi ghategi-OM

Ms. Ruchi Anand

Ms. Radha Rani
House Wife

Ms. Nivi Saraf

 Ms. Reeta Rani

Mr. Sanjay Garg
S&M Pharmaceutical Ind.

Mr. Pankaj Takkar
Business Consultant

Mr. Ghanesh Gandhi
Bank Investment Advisor 

Mr. Monish Gattem
Land Developing 

Mr. Aman Seth